This includes representing parties in native title claims and negotiations, gathering and assessing evidence in native title claims, implementing native title or cultural heritage agreements and mediation services.  We can also provide assistance to Native Title Representative Bodies and Service Providers in relation to funding applications, including independent external reviews.

One particular specialty of MPS law’s Principal Solicitor, Michael Pagsanjan, is native title compensation, with Michael negotiating the settlement of Australia's first successful native title compensation consent determination in Australia.  

Our native title and cultural heritage services are charged at below commercial rates for native title claimants and native title service providers and representative bodies.

Some of the native title claims that MPS Law has recently assisted include the Widi Mob native title claim (WAD6193 of 1998), Wakka Wakka native title claims (QUD621 of 2011 and QUD93 of 2012), Mandandanji native title claim (QUD366 of 2008), Wangan and Jagalingou native title claim (QUD85 of 2004), Koa native title claim (QUD592 of 2015), Wangkamahdla Nation native title claim (QUD52 of 2016), Yuwaalaraay/Euahlayi native title claim (QUD32 of 2017), Kunja native title claim (QUD598 of 2015) and the Nukunu native title claim (SAD6012 of 1998).

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